November 23, 2009 by bruce

The new and very sought after Banshee Bungees are in!
no more do you have to carry around a huge drop in for snowboarding and skiing in the urban environment
just tie up your banshee and your ready to go !
check them out !

One 20ft Bungee + 1 Handle + One 30ft Lead Line
Stretching to over 100 feet, the 20-foot long Outlaw Slinger can launch any boarder across any surface: asphalt, metal, snow, sand, water, warehouse floor on an office chair – you name it, we send it. The teeth-chattering, skin-scraping possibilities are endless: join the Slinger in holy union with your skimboard, skateboard, snowboard, skis, kid brother, or Grandma’s wheelchair. The 3-strand braid design of vulcanized rubber prevents snapback. And over 500 feet of launch at speeds approaching 30mph guaranteeing a maximum of grins, even if you do wipe out.